Thursday, October 8, 2009

Personal "Don'ts"

Things I will never embrace:

*Sweaters with zippers
*Ugg Boots
*Bright yellow attire (Including yellow "leather" bags...but excluding the adorable yellow woven purse Kat got for me while abroad)
*Hippie skirts (Though they are probably comfortable.)
*Flared jeans (Not to be confused with a wide-leg trouser jean)
*Most polyester garments
*Excessive use of "jewel tones"

I'll revisit this list

P.S. How could I forget denim on denim?


Kris said...

No Uggs? Really? They're so warm.
I'm with you on the Crocs, I refuse to wear them.

Vinda Sonata said...

eh? why crocs? those are so comfy to wear. yeah. not chic though ;)

Sheil said...

I have actually never tried on a pair of crocs. I reallly enjoy clog boots though. Maybe a bit frumpy but amazingly comfortable!