Friday, September 18, 2009

Out of Lansingburgh...

it has become more of a saga than "Out of Africa". I feel like I will never leave Troy. Sure the bathroom is bigger than most bedrooms; and the authenticity of its architecture is just so charming. But in reality the domestic disputes, unsavory porch dwellers & literal gifts of garbage left on our front stoop have left me yearning for a more civilized neighborhood. Hell, I miss the days of living in a dorm. Sure most of the people I was surrounded with had the same level of class, but that's youth at an art school for ya.

Early on in the search we were charmed by an over-zealous woman looking to rent her "in-law" apartment in the coveted Latham area. She seemed to love us. She clearly had empty nest syndrome as her own children had left the capital region for bigger and better things.(Don't they all?) Her warm demeanor and spotless apartment seemed too good to be true. I envisioned coming home to fresh baked brownies and simmering stew left on the counter just for us. We expressed our interest with utmost sincerity. The place was practically guaranteed. We called and left a voice mail after not hearing from her in a day or so. That should have been a clue, because we never heard from her again. This left me rather perplexed. It even put me in a funk for a few days. What had I missed about our interactions? Was she just a 50 year old flake? Did she not receive our messages? Or maybe she is just certifiably insane and its all the better because I didn't need a surrogate mother anyway. No, I am not bitter about the one that got away.

The second attempt was thwarted when the ceiling in our new dwelling literally caved in, or rather fell in. Not to mention the mice droppings, potential black mold and the crap left behind by the landlord. Just as we were about to meet with him and tactfully let him know the conditions were not sanitary upon further inspection, we walked into a kitchen of fallen ceiling tiles. One in particular had held on for dear life. We could see it swelling with water, about to burst over our heads. He tried to make the place look livable, but in the end a heavy rainstorm that seemed to last the entire month of July had its way with the roof. We had already relocated our belongings because of the aforementioned "issues". Thankfully nothing of ours was damaged, besides our sense of relief when we foolishly thought we were out of the 'Burgh. We ripped up the lease and got our money back. With our lives in boxes we were back at the starting point.

We have looked at several places since. None of which have wowed us, but at this rate...location location location. As captivating as the Budweiser drinking men on our front steps are, it's time to go. The way they naturally slur their words indicates they have been drinking since they woke up. They probably haven't even slept. They seem harmless and thankfully keep us informed of what's going on in the 'hood. They were particularly descriptive about the scooter accident on the corner. (That is, when I could understand them.)

I could also elaborate on the train wreck of a basement left by our former room mate who has the maturity of a six year old. Let's leave that tragedy for a different day. I can already feel the ulcer forming.


Kris said...

You need to leave upstate NY. Clearly there is nothing good going on there.

Ahhhhh said...

Haha, this is about 75% true. It's not soooo bad that it is unbearable... BUT there are moments when I question my surroundings quite a bit.

Kris said...

For me it kind of is unbearable. I went an hour upstate yesterday to this village Millerton. I was attending a wedding. It's way past everything: drove past Patterson, Pawling, Dover, Dover Plains, Wingdale, Wassaic, Amenia.

I can positively say I would NEVER move that far upstate. It was way too small, way too middle of nowhere for me. Definitely not much going on up there.